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 It is now well over half way through this year. Honestly, that blows my mind. 

The c word has well and truly ruined things for well over 12 months and I feel that I need to take back control of my routine and time. 

I've been existing in a weird limbo of not knowing what's coming next, so have just been here, living. 


lots of runners running around these days

running past everything 


an ode to my running shoes. 

I had to get rid of these bad boys yesterday, and was weirdly nostalgic about it. 

my trusty orange shoes.

two rolled ankles

one torn hamstring

more miles than necessary.

early starts

late finishes


running to meetings

running to shops

winter training

summer training

they have a hole in them and are technically too small. but still. i want to wear them until i can't anymore. 

I wrote a long blog post before about my work shoes. 

I think I deleted it.