| 2021 | 07 | 27 | here we go again |

 well well well. We're back to the old 'i forgot to write anything for months and now don't know how to dip back into my dialogue' post.  

this is a photo dump for july, and I have to be honest I've really lost my photography ways. 

We're working our way through the mega monster series (godzilla and kong) before I will tackle the marvel selection ... 23 films. I can wait.

it is my birthday month.

the theme at the moment is wholesome fun. it's about getting outdoors and moving. exploring. hanging out. we're going through a phase of treasure hunting and absolutely loving it. 

this is angus in his natural state. 

I will be working backwards to move forward and try to stick to regularly doing this again. I have missed it. the weekly outpour of life. also whatever happened to my empties?!