| review | Teapigs - Glass Teapot for Two |

 the why::

my push towards lighter living involves reducing my use of daily consumables and throwaways. 

I started by critically reviewing those things I do daily and how they could become more sustainable. For me, no morning is complete without a cup of tea, but would you believe it? Even the stable british beverage is not safe from plastic. 

The UK tea council confirmed that 96% of the 165 million cups of tea we drink daily come from teabags. 

For a long time now I was under the impression that all teabags went into the compost bin and disappeared forever... but some background research reveals that manufacturers use polypropylene to seal the edges and this does not compost. So we're left with a product that isn't quite biodegradable. 

Further complicating this is the advice given by the government body Wrap - it's actually more sustainable to compost them at home (removing plastic if possible) and either accept you'll have plastics in your soil or fish them out yourself - than to send them to landfill. 

So. With that in mind. I'm just going to try and avoid them completely - safe in the knowledge tea leaves break down just fine. 

Cue the teapot. 

the how::
simply put your loose leaf tea in the middle section of the pot and pour your water over it, allowing the leaves to steep for as long as you like.

similar to the coffee situation - this isn't something i should have to explain.

drink it. 

my thoughts::
i partly regret not getting the teapot for one as i prefer it aesthetically. but hey ho. 

also whilst I am a huge fan of this brand - they have made sure that their tea temples are fully biodegradable - it should be noted that this is through industrial composting and not all their packaging can be recycled... sigh. small steps. 

But please. rethink your teabags. My takeaway from this is that you need to start looking at every aspect of the process.