| 2020 | 12 | 31 | yeah. that happened.

 most years I write a summary post that is a celebration of the year that has past. but I've sort of abandoned that in the same way that my weekly wind-downs wound down into a nothingness. 

I have no idea how to concisely summarise the last 12 months and the events therein. I don't know how to explain to those who are also experiencing the exact same series of events (perhaps in a slightly different way) that these series of events suck, without it sounding like I'm throwing a pity party. 

2020 has officially sucked balls. in the formal sense. 

I don't think I've truly processed the implications of this year and how our lives will continue to be affected well into 2021. I just don't understand. Obviously I understand this situation in a literal sense, but in any other sense things don't fully compute. 

much of this year has been a learning curve. learning how to adapt. learning that new things are okay. it's also been a real test of patience. we're being given rules that are so far out of our control and just being instructed to 'get on with it all'. 

we've walked. a lot. a lot of walking.
we've read books. not enough books but more than we probably would have.
I've dyed my hair red. then let it wash out before dyeing it again.
we've spent a lot of time alone.  
I've online shopped hard. I've then had a shopping ban. Then I shopped again.
we've queued for shops. 
we've done online quizzes. 
we've complained. 
we've sighed. 
we've watched boris give increasingly negative accounts of the world. 
I've rolled my eyes a lot. that seems to be my new coping mechanism. 
we've spent too much time online. social media is hurting us. 
we've napped. 
we've also spent nights unable to sleep. 

we've eaten out to help out. 
then we've eaten in to hide from the rest of the population. 
we've learnt that the number 6 vastly reduces our social sphere. 

we've celebrated more birthdays than we thought we would. 
we've been to the beach. 
i've kayaked a lot. 
there was a sunflower. 
the majority of summer was spent out side. that was quite nice actually. 

angus's three week stay is yet to end. probably more like 40 now and counting. 
he has his own desk. (but only for three weeks)

we went to harry potter world.
we attended dance classes. 
then there was zoom. 
a life online is not a life. but it's our life. 

i've seen more of my dad this year. that's nice too. 

the cats are so used to constant attention i don't think it's fair to stop that now. i'll have to tell my boss. 

| 2020 | 12 | 31 | december empties |

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