| 2020 | 11 | 23 | weekly winddown #?

 so I have lost count. 

november has been quite the month hasn't it?

we're locked down (or are we) and just generally struggling to entertain ourselves through some rougher weather. 

angus has built his own computer now in the new home office. I think we're going to try and do a repaint of the room too. 

paddling has been my lifeline through these odd times. This photo was obviously taken before this lockdown as there are three of us. 

another photot of the princess on my yoga mat.

| 2020 | 11 | 16 | deja vu |

 I'm injured again. 

The legitimacy of my injury isn't helping the fact I don't want to be. 


| 2020 | 11 | 05 | sides |

 air of expectancy. silence. 

my walk this morning was misty, gloomy and quiet. peaceful would be the wrong word, still is more appropriate. 

it's almost as if the world is waiting for something. watching. 

we are all hanging on to a precipice, hoping. 


| 2020 | 11 | 01 | groovy |

November feels very bleak right now. 

today was our last group session for a while (who knows, 4 weeks? 8 weeks?). we reveled in the small things. there's something almost fun about the convoy over to the jubilee, the run beforehand and the changing in the car park afterwards. We had the most incredible sunny weather and had such a warm welcome from the local wildlife. 

our home squad then went out for a meal. the giggling squid. family favourite. we just enjoyed it whilst we could. 

I want to cry at the prospect of the sheer loneliness the next 4 weeks offers. 

but i've just got to join everyone else doing what they can.