I feel like life. life has just caught up with me. A few break-ups ago (probably the one I handled the worst) my mantra was 'time passes, whether you want it to or not'.

It helped a lot. The idea that eventually I would be past the rocky stage and into a point wher eI could look back. I was ready to look back. I didn't really enjoy the stage of 'getting over' and just wanted it to be over.

I was trying to look forward into a future I hadn't yet reached. 


anyway. i'm now at a point where i'm not trying to rush, but i am trying to appreciate. 

my question to ponder is - would you want to know your relationships end date? would it make you appreciate it more? 

would you know that you had a week left and make the most of the days, or would you write it off as there was only 7 to go?

i'm torn. I want to know. but also i don't need to.