| 2020 | 09 | 08 | the echoes ring so loud |

do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing? making the right choices? 

do you ever feel that reluctance to make a decision in order to avoid the responsibility?

right now i'm looking back over about eight years of bad choices and wishing i could go back. but not back to the me of then, back as i am now and make the decisions i'd be happy with now. not then. 

ah see. that's the problem. the me of then was content with the decisions made. the me of now is not. that's why hindsight is dangerous. 

it can make you live looking back at how things were with the mind you have now. but you aren't the same person you were then and had no idea what was in your future. 

that's why you've just got to make the decisions. and stick with them.