| 2020 | 09 | 07 |

this song. 

actually i have a few.


can i just take a moment.

i didn't get to watch films when i was younger. we weren't allowed. unless they were on my brothers watch list. 
I made the mistake of straying from said list and let me tell you that's a mistake you make once. 


sometimes you just do things.

yelled at me age five. i had to learn early that sometimes, you just do things. whether it be load the dishwasher. whether it be wait patiently for half an hour to leave the house. things aren't always convenient. sometimes you can't have your toys. 

sometimes, you put yourself on the naughty step because you know it's the right thing to do. 

sometimes. you just make compromise. because that's how it is. you don't get to argue with it. you just get on with it even if you don't want to.

no ones going to fight your corner. no ones going to tell you otherwise. they'll just shrug and say 'lifes not fair'. sometimes. things happen.

sometimes you just have to roll with it.

sometimes. you just do things. 

honestly i wish more people realised this. they're so self entitled and self centred they forget that sometimes you have to just crack on, because it's just the way it is. life isn't always in your favour.