| 2020 | 08 | 28 | Noughty Hair Care - Wave Hello Curl Cream |

Intentional living is the art of being selective and present during your decision making process. 

Similar to my shampoo post, I understand that curl cream is not a necessity. Nor is it something I will 100% repurchase. 

But if you are going to buy one, consider one with a brand we can all get behind. 

Little steps.

the what::
as per my previous post singing the praises of the Wave Hello Shampoo, Noughty is a brand with a range of 97% natural products. Free from parabens, silicone's, petrochemicals and sulphates - what could you complain about?
[fyi the 3% is the stuff to stop it going off - 'the preservative system']. 

They're also striving for sustainability and the packaging will be recyclable from January 2021. 

> noughty is not tested on animals
> all noughty products are registered with the vegetarian society and the vegan society. 

If you are familiar with curly haired styling, this is the 'activator' you need. It contains 'curl optimizing QuinOxy' to discipline curls and tame frizz.  

It sells for £6.99.

the how::
after washing with your shampoo (or co-wash if you're fancy) apply a decent amount to towel-dried (or t-shirt, also if you're feeling fancy). Place it in the palm of your hand and emulsify slightly. Starting at the mid point move it through to the ends. then style as per. 

my thoughts::
i'm fairly fickle when it comes to hair products. convenience, price and packaging are usually enough to sway my loyalty. i'm not just talking once i've finished a product, it's been known that i'll bin something halfway through in favour of something new. 

however i've almost finished this and will be repurchasing. i'm not joking about being a noughty fan girl. 

i use this on sopping wet hair and scrunch it through. my hair feels like, bouncy and the curls are more defined than when i go without. 

in a perfect world (as with all products) the packaging this came in would be more environmentally friendly. 
I'd also love for it to be slightly more hydrating, but the compromise there would be the lightness of the product.