| 2020 | 08 | 27 | Noughty Hair Care - Wave Hello Shampoo |

 Intentional living is the art of being selective and present during your decision making process. 

I understand that shampoo is not environmentally friendly as it is a highly processed item and honestly if we discussed the pros and cons we'd be here forever. 

However, I've taken the time to chose something I know I use, make the most of and truly think the brand is a good one.

Little steps.

the why::
I have been wanting to sort my hair-care routine out for a very long time. I have dabbled with the curly girl method, tried cutting out certain products and generally tried to wash it less - but I've not quite found the perfect balance between low maintenance and looking put together. 

the what::
Noughty is a brand with a range of 97% natural products. Free from parabens, silicone's, petrochemicals and sulphates - what could you complain about?
[fyi the 3% is the stuff to stop it going off - 'the preservative system']. 
They're also striving for sustainability and the packaging will be recyclable from January 2021. 

> noughty is not tested on animals
> all noughty products are registered with the vegetarian society and the vegan society. 

the how::
if you aren't familiar with shampoo... now might be the time to start. 
it's interesting because marketing tells you to strive for the 'squeaky clean' feeling, but fundamentally you don't want to completely strip your hair of the oils it needs to stay protected and hydrated. 

Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo cleanses without stripping and defines any curls with sea kelp extract and avocado oil. 

my thoughts::
it's really hard with products like shampoo to determine whether they work. If i think back over the past ten years, I've never truly had a shampoo that stands out and that I'd actively remain loyal to however...
when i finished my second bottle in a row of Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo I was shocked to find there was a noticeable difference in my hair when i changed to something else.
Nothing else in my routine had changed except that. 

It doesn't lather in the traditional sense - it's not a soap - so you have to be patient with the product. sometimes it can take some time for your hair to transition over to natural products so a combination of a lack of lather and weird feeling hair can be initially off putting. 

I'm frustrated I chose to stray from this brand and will be going back as soon as my current one is empty. 

You can also find them on Amazon. 

in a perfect world, this would have more of a fragrance to it (i imagine this isn't good for your hair) 
it would also be in more environmentally friendly packaging (i know that's a future promise but it's not now).