| 2020 | 08 | 26 | minimalism |

 minimalism is two things; an art movement and a way of life. 

1) the art movement started in the 1950s and focused on the clean aesthetic of massive forms rather than smaller detail. the bigger picture. 

2) minimalism is a truly reductive lifestyle, as implied by the word 'minimum'. 

the least. 
the fewest. 
the bare minimum. 

It takes on a number of forms and over the years has evolved into something quite complex. 
for some, minimalism is truly about striving to have the fewest possessions possible. you'll see youtube videos of people counting out their items and able to fit everything into one backpack. 
others embody minimalism in a different form. they do not obsess over reaching an arbitrary number. rather treat it as more of a minset to enable focus on the things in life which truly matter. 

simplicity, clarity and intentional living


Intentionality is living with purpose. At its core, minimalism means intentionally bringing certain elements of your life forwards and removing those which do not add value. 

It frees up time, space and creativity.