| 2020 | 07 | 01 | Oasis - Stop the clocks |

Ahhhhh this is a CD that was technically stolen from an ex. 

It's probably a bit weird to seek him out to return it so here we are. 

Having just re-checked the pile of CD's I'm about to include in this series, that's gonna be the case for at least half. 


This is such a nostalgic album. I'm not sure I actually like it, but the emotions it stirs up are big. We were 17 and my friends and i were going through our youthful phase. genuinely, looking back those were the days of converses and side fringes. we drank jack daniels from the little bottles and swigged diet coke as a chaser. the life. 

We thought we were really cool listening to oasis, me and sean. he got a renault clio from his parents so could pop round whenever he liked and we'd go for mini road trips to grass fields and spend the afternoon lying in the sun. 

yeah i know.