| 2020 | 06 | 29 | weekly wind down 24 |

this week was exceptionally exceptional. 
actually it was. I know i've been saying they're all quite good - i guess it's just that we're slowly returning to normal and i'm appreciating the little things more and more. 

i had two days off during the week and whilst i don't feel that rested, I do feel pretty fulfilled. 

I'm trying to walk more so have started listening to audio books as I go. It's a really nice way of covering ground without forcing yourself to march around the block - I actually wanted to keep going today but ran out of time!

'angus climb on that i want a picture for my blog'

and voila.

i've been enjoying paddling more. 

i managed to have a panic attack at the beginning of this session and i know it's cause i was a little bit upset... but once that was all sorted it was a lovely paddle. 

i may have also jumped back into a rowing boat. maybe. 

this picture makes me laugh - they're wearing matching jumpers because they're best friends now and like to hang out.