| 2020 | 06 | 18 | screw that |

life is starting to feel a little less restricted. 

it's so surreal. 

we are having a great week though.

monday we skyped mike and alec and ended up playing random board games for almost two hours. i wasn't very good. 

Tuesday, the weather was a lot nicer so we wandered around Marlow with another school friend, grabbing an icecream and generally being nuisances. 

I had yesterday off school so aside from a little lie in we managed to cram in a long paddle (3 x 5k i'll have you know), a walk, a sandwich and then a takeaway pint from the Bounty. 

all whilst checking out the beached cows. 


Angus has been here since basically the 25th may. It's been an easier transition than I anticipated and i'm really enjoying it more and more as time goes by. i'm constantly reminded how easy we've had this lockdown, and how having our friends and family close by has relieved a lot of the frustration we could have experienced.