| 2020 | 06 | 01 | weekly wind down 21 |

i saw mike on saturday for a sort of early birthday celebration. we literally had nothing new to talk over. because we're doing nothing new. but it was great to see him and i feel weirdly refreshed from the social interaction.

the rummikub word championships has now taken a competitive turn and the scores are closer than ever (read that: i lost the last two games so the others are catching up). 

we're actually not going stir crazy during this weird time of life.
it's so weird.
it's not a punishment - you're actually allowed to have fun. i think that's the part most people are struggling with.
we need to be sensible, and make the most of our time.
fill it with nice things.

we've made fish and chips from scratch, created our own battle ships board, whipped up raspberry sorbet and blueberry pancakes.
we've walked as much as we like and spent time in the sun.
we've read books we probably wouldn't have and set aside time to watch netflix.

i also want to see some newer versions of masterchef. more realistic.

for example:

masterchef - the 9-5
where contestants have to travel by tube for an hour before the start of the cooking and wear a suit. they'll also be bombarded by chores like washing and cleaning whilst members of their 'family' run in at awkward times and make demands.
lets see who can whip up a souffle with that kind of pressure.

or masterchef - student
contestants will have to cook in a student house where all the ingredients cost 50p or less or have been stolen by some random passerby. at least twice they'll be interrupted by groups doing predrinks or the oven won't actually work.

or masterchef lockdown
every single ingredient you wanted isn't there.


angus has actually been here for almost 10 weeks which is a little insane.