| 2020 | 05 | 18 | weekly wind down 19 |

I haven't actually written words on here in a long time. 
that's partly because i don't feel I have a lot to say - life has reached a fairly repetitive peak in this process and it's hard to get too excited over the monotony. 

in actual fact.

we are keeping very busy. 

i've been paddling a few times and it's been a stark reminder to appreciate the little things in life. 

i've also decluttered my entire life to such a huge extent. and i've finally stopped losing everything. 
i see a connection here. 
i think it's a good things. 

i'm also itching for the opportunity to move out and have my own space. more because dad won't stop hanging those bloody pink check curtains despite them not going with anything anymore. 


we'll get there eventually. 

other things.