| 2020 | 04 | 27 | weekly wind down 16 |

it's really bugging me that i a) missed one and b) the numbers don't line up with the weeks of the year.

oh well.

This week i promised myself i would get rid of a lot of stuff, and only then could i get myself the bullet journal i've been pining after for weeks.

I genuinely donated so many notebooks it's ridiculous and i feel so much better for it.

here's one of my first random spreads - a hair wash tracker, but also a tracker to see how many bottles of shampoo I actually use.
whatever floats your boat...

we're still getting out for our government mandated walks (just because you can doesn't mean you have to) and generally trying to stay busy.
it's been quite interesting listening to this from the perspective of those who are prospering with the limited routine. it creates a feeling of purpose and productivity.

a highlight was making our own fish and chips. i've been trying to plan a road trip to whitby for a while - but obviously we can't do that.