| 2020 | 04 | 20 | weekly wind down 15 |

three more weeks. they'll fly by just like the last three i guess.


'i want to be like nigella lawson' i declared to my somewhat disengaged audience of one.
he looked up smiling and muttered something about cocaine before getting back to his Rubiks cube. records were going to be set.


the weather is turning.
it feels like the plants and animals are leaving us all behind.
they're moving into spring and summer without us.

we're trying to get out.

cook a lot.

jerry has been for a few runs.


i made him sunglasses. probably riddled with coronavirus.

sunday we went for a run, and when we got back in angus has started making blue pancakes. they were his best yet. 

then the task of cutting his hair.
it was not a great effort. but it was fairly acceptable.