| 2020 | 04 | 14 | weekly wind down 14 |

i'm trying to learn how to handstand. i'm sure there's some analogy about trying your best and committing here. for you see. to go upside down you have to go for it. there's no half arsing around here.


i'm so uninspired to write at the moment. i'm not taking many photos either because my life is slipping into one long blur.  feel both the least and most productive i could be with an underlying sensation of tired.

i don't know if i'm genuinely sleep deprived and catching up on around three years worth of deprivation, or if the stress is slowly getting to me in a way i hadn't anticipated.

who knows. i certainly don't.



well, we're here now.

the phrase uttered by myself and that guy i dated like three times as he knocked a glass of wine onto his trousers.

we laughed and i realised that i probably hadn't coined the intonation but that it was used by many.

We're trying to be productive with our day.

but it's quite difficult given the circumstances. 

i'm taking part in a virtual relay - and this time went with the carrot instead of the 6ft long paddles which had been so easy to transport. 

life is weird right now.