| 2020 | 04 | 06 | weekly wind down 13 |


what a week.

i'll leave this here. for now.

jerry has been running. reluctantly and filled with hate. but he has been and i admire him a lot for that.

i have been studying. as productive as i can be in the current situation. it's fascinating watching my own personal ebbs and flows of emotion and motivation reflected in a lot of people around me.
this particular monday, we're all on the struggle bus. 
it's very hard to stop trivialising our work in comparison to the wider issues at this present moment. 

angus is back. shh he never left.
we're going to have to establish routines which allow for both time together and time apart. we also need to work through our own emotions in relation to this situation (read: i MYSELF need to process, angus is a boy).

the longest friday of them all. 
i am so glad i live at home. 
the previous regret i had felt at not moving out and being more independent has well and truly been washed away and replaced with a quiet level of satisfaction that i'm where i'm supposed to be. 

saturday and sunday
this weekend we aimed for the sweet spot of balance between relaxing and productivity. 
i think we nailed both ends of the spectrum well and managed a full half day in bed before having a super intense five hour gardening session and clean. 
the jetwasher was well utilised, sunburn was achieved.