| 2020 | 03 | 29 | i don't |

i'm rewatching community (again.). as in i'm rewatching after rewatching after watching it again.

probably like, 7 times?

i think we all have one of those shows which basically suck.

i wonder how we'll look back on these months.
in a year.
in two.

whether we'll muse over them aged 50, quietly reminiscing with those around us 'do you remember that time we...'

who knows.

but what i do know is that i want off this goddamn rollercoaster pronto.


who knows what types of societal shifts we are going to experience as a result of all this, and what the long lasting implications will be? today on our walk we actively avoided other people, choosing to sidestep around them whilst at the same time yelling 'hi!'. talk about mixed messaging.

as someone who's degree was basically the study of all this, i can't seem to let it go.
pivotal moments in history which changed ontological and epistemological ways of existing.


and yet.

i spent the entirety of today in my pyjamas.

i've hit the bottom of my personal curve.
tomorrow marks the beginning of a productive week.

i'm going to keep learning french (so i suppose you want to tell me that duolingo doesn't count).