| 2020 | 03 | 27 | i just want peanut butter |

it's been a weird week. i'm genuinely really struggling, but doing my best to carry on as normal.
because we're all stuck with this one together so.

keep the tears to yourself missy.

today however, we made sorbet - to be fair it's still in the 'making yet to be sampled stage' so i can't speak for it's edibility but we shall see.

i'm trying to make a note of the things we do. 

first day in 'new lockdown-ish' mode. it was tough - i'll be honest. i was kind of reeling from the loss of L&F as it's now known and struggling to settle into the new routine. 
that morning i'd gone for my usual run and was met by every single person seemingly trying to be my long distance friend. 

wednesday - boy's birthday. 
it's a really tough set of rules to negotiate but i walked round to his and obeyed social distancing from his family (admittedly these aren't the rules rules) before staying on a blow up bed in the room of requirement. 
we'd had curry for dinner and whilst i wish i was more adventurous than a vegetarian korma - i know my box. 

we packed up and headed to my dads. believe it or not an oven is more of a selling point than you'd think. the weather is frustratingly perfect, and in a way people are enjoying it more than before. 
it feels like the world is slowing down. it's not an ideal circumstance but a pretty refreshing outcome. 
we can't do much more than wait for this to pass over - so we're waiting in the only way we know how. 


i'd almost forgotten.
 i like having angus here. the company is nicer than i'd appreciated but it also feels quite low pressured.
we're working our way through one of the single largest vegetable orders in existence and have come full circle to the sorbet.
today was a rest day after yesterdays brutal crossfit workout.

it's going to be a long few months.


this post was one of my first obstacle races. not the first, but one of.

let's just say, it was back when i wasn't very familiar with my fitness and struggling a lot with self confidence.