| 2020 | 03 | 20 | yeahhhhhh |

last night i was a dribbling, snotty, yummy mess of tears.

lets picture me ugly crying whilst running shall we?

i couldn't quite work out why i was so upset. 
but clearly i was.


it's cause we don't have a choice in all this you know?
you can be the best person and still end up locked in a really rubbish situation.

i'm sad i won't see my friends.
i'm sad the running club i've just joined and starting truly getting into isn't there.
i'm sad my new crossfit obsession has to be parked.
i'm sad because those things feel a bit fickle to be sad over but i'm still sad nonetheless.
i'm sad we're all sad and stressed and being a lil bit silly.

so i went home and did burpees til i felt sick (the two aren't related it was my workout for the day) and then felt a bit better cause i ended sitting on the floor eating a big bag of crisps in  my fluffy socks.



instead of moping i'm going to try to be as productive as possible

i say that now but in two weeks i'll be wandering the world in my pjs barely awake.