| 2020 | 03 | 18 | lets all have some positivi-tea |

guys i think i'm gonna get rid of my rihanna perfumes.


i said it.

but i didn't mean it. i just sprayed the stuff and remembered just how edible it tastes.


until we start seeing cases in person, this whole situation feels just too surreal.

but for now there seems to be an unwritten rule in the office - no coronavirus.

we've made it 39 minutes so far without the word being uttered, without the news being discussed and without anyone coughing.

progress is solid.


i've started listening to songs on youtube at 1.5x speed. it makes things a bit more binky bonky.


i had a bit of a rocky morning myself.
the boy got back from france yesterday (thankfully) and i probably overreacted but i was a bit dejected there had been minimal acknowledgement as to how the situation would affect us.
i think we cope differently.
i sorta throw all my emotions every where and have to attempt to control their direction.
he clearly does the opposite and just swallows it all.

hey ho.

hopefully i haven't fucked it up.