| 2020 | 03 | 16 | weekly wind down 10 |

ahhh what a weekend. 

myself and mike traveled up to see the third member of our gang - and what a fun trip was had all round. 

initially we weren't completely sure i'd make it. 
[insert coronavirus].

but the journey up itself was fairly unexciting and by around 12.30 we were knee deep in the north.

cue the rain. 

our trip to find mike some wildlife ('i was promised deer. this is not acceptable') took us via a donkey and some horses. 

then the icecream. 

before boardgames which actually was surprisingly fun. 

the curry that night was honestly one of the best i've eaten - then again i'm probably not someone you'd go to for a recommendation (korma?). 

we used to be the best friends at school, and it's definitely not changed despite time. we're still weird, very dorky and bicker always. 

i think this is one of my favourite photos i've taken to date. 

i remember this run, it was cold (as the mist would suggest) and i'd just had my hair cut.