| 2020 | 03 | 04 | shea butter |

according to my march horoscope - i'm on it this month. like the lion i am.

apparently i'm going to take on more responsibility and later on in the month really assess my emotions when it comes to spending and saving.
then. if i've wanted to go travelling i should consider it on the 19th.

i'm going to find myself.


this is mainly bullshit. but still i read them as a comforting kind of story. it's nice to know what the universe might've had planned for me.


i am so glad i gave up heat styling on my hair.

not only am i saving time - but i think i'm actually improving the health of it too.
i also no longer own a hair dryer or hair straighteners - which has also been a bonus because they're really annoying to store.

first world problems eh?


the thing is, people are temporary.
no no, life is temporary.

i realise that now. it's only taken 27 years to work out that i should be putting people first. showing them i care.

life is temporary.
this resonates with me on such a high level. like lamely high.

people come into and out of the world in the blink of an eye and the thought of this unknown is slightly scary. relationships are tough. people will hurt you and you will hurt others. choose to be better. replace negativity with positive behaviour and just be the best you can. be known as the person who cared.

now when i'm with someone, I try to not allow myself to be distracted. because (this is super morbid) but there is a chance you may never see them again.
in a less morbid way - think of it as moments pass and you can't ever get them back. i don't want to look back on a situation and wish i had done it differently. i don't want to regret things. i don't want to wish i had listened. i don't want to forget details of their face or outfit because i was on my phone or staring out the window.

i'm trying to live in moments rather than via online content or other stimuli.