| 2020 | 03 | 02 | weekly wind down 8 |

i used to wake up ridiculously early. half because i had insomnia and half because i liked the fresh air.

i'd walk into the garden barefoot, even when it was frosty and sit watching the fish. 

- i don't think my body could do that anymore. i like my warm bed too much and need to sleep.


i'm not missing my rigorous training routine. i thought i would. but i'm not.

very good.

'you ruin things by thinking vulnerability is a weakness'

thought of the week.

i am so useless at sharing things. how i feel. what i think. what i really mean.
i don't like being a bother so would rather keep it to myself and be the uncomfortable one.
i'm trying to get better at not doing that.

sometimes its hard sharing things.
sometimes you don't want to.
but you should because the people around you care.