| 2020 | 03 | 02 | this is amsterdam |

what a weekend.

spent the weekend with the boy in amsterdam. 
i was a bit nervous actually - silly really. first trip away always has the potential to highlight any areas of friction we may have been able to gloss over. new place. tired people. spending every moment together. lots of decision making. and so on. 

i needn't have worried, it was awesome. 

a fairly early start for our flight from heathrow. thankfully angus's mum drove us there and as airport experiences go - this was one of my less stressful ones. 

upon arrival it was an easy train journey to the centre of amsterdam and a good 25 minute walk to our airbnb. (if you're heading that direction definitely consider this place - it was ideal!).
we then popped over to the local Dirk to grab the essentials for lunch. i spent a lot of that expedition in the chocolate aisle. 

the only downside to our amsterdam accommodation? the stairs. this photograph doesn't quite encapsulate how ladder-like they were. 

i could have died. 

we had lunch at home, before heading out to do some proper exploring. it was at this point that whichever storm was passing over, passed over, and left us two very damp individuals. 

we popped into a few cheese shops (and a cheese museum) before wandering further into the centre in search of some more tourist spots. we are tourists. it's in our blood.

to find some respite from the rain we decided to experience the dungeon. 
as these types of things go - i'm gonna be honest and rate this one quite highly. solid 8/10. 
the actors were on point and the whole experience was genuinely a little on the scary side. 

that evening we took the smarter choice to hide from the adverse weather, making a pretty decent (and healthy) pasta dish before turning to netflix for some prison break. what else would we do?

we started the day slowly. waking up around 8 and having a cooked breakfast by angus.
on point.
first stop was Vondelpark - a big open space with a lot of people and bikes.
the bikes.
i'm still borderline traumatised by them. every road crossing involved me grabbing onto angus and basically shutting my eyes - hopeful i wouldn't collide with a two wheeled mode of transport.

my version vs the version he wanted taken.

one hot chocolate later we were on our way to meet one of his good friends, who i'd been warned was a bit of a terror.

he took us on a quick walk around the main sights before we ended up at the heineken experience. despite beer not being my favourite it was still pretty interesting and very well done. the boys got my two free beers (which were the first of many).

here's a picture outside a museum we didn't actually go into.

wester cooked us all dinner (after two pub stops, visiting a market for waffles and pickled fish) before opening many bottles of wine.


we ended in a very dutch bar being handed alcohol every time our glasses ran dry. i am amazed we made it home that night.

using the very reliable scale, angus felt a poor 8/10 for worseness.
that makes sense i swear, so after feeding him painkillers we stayed in bed a little longer.

breakfast was in a very fancy cafe spot (recommended by our host.

i for sure needed the coffee.

we decided to mooch for our final day and then jump on a canal tour as our final tourist destination.

angus was feeling a little snoozy so i'm fairly certain he was enjoying sitting down.

once we'd absorbed a lot of factual information, the final hunt for waffles began before our flight home.

it was both a busy and relaxed kind of trip, with around 70,000 steps taken (we were able to walk everywhere, so we did), and a lot of chocolate consumed.
the flight home was uneventful, and we were back by around 8pm.
i don't think i'd have managed to get as much done had angus not been a wizard when it comes to map reading and planning. boy did good.

happy days.