| 2020 | 03 | 01 | Amsterdam |


We set off early, getting a lift to the airport. I'd managed to fit everything into my green bag, so was feeling pretty smug. Until I saw Angus's bag. 
He did a great job of navigating us around when we arrived - I was clueless where we were or where we were trying to be, but thankfully he's a bit more capable.

The stairs in this place are ridiculous. 

We were really close to a Dirk and grabbed a few bits for lunch, before heading out on a monster 'splore. 

Via the cheese museum. Of all places. 

It started chucking it down, so we tried to find somewhere indoors what would keep us dry for at least two hours... obviously the dungeons. We decided to stay in for dinner and ended dozing in front of the TV.

A fairly slow start, with Angus cooking a fry up. Because we were meeting Wester a bit later on we decided to meander round the Vondelpark and grab a hot chocolate. 
The walk to Westers was long, as was the one he then took us on to get to the Heineken factory. 

To be fair the tour wasn't awful.

Wester bought fish for dinner and once we'd stocked up on waffles we were ready for the evening. 

It got a little messy.

'excuse me i have a bag of waffles.'


Angus for sure wasn't feeling too fresh, so breakfast was from a nearby cafe. 

It was good. 

He needed another sit down so we retreated to a boat tour.

And then waffles.

And then a random walk before catching the train to the airport and home.