| 2020 | 02 | 21 | dynamo |

as she brushed past i leant towards the neatly stacked biscuits - more to make a show out of moving  than out of necessity.


as she moved out of the aisle i could still smell her perfume, an earthy scent that conjured a sense of familiarity.

the moment passed. the scent had dissipated and with it whatever memory that had been surfacing.

i shook my head slightly.

memories had been playing tricks on me lately, dragging my focus from the present off to the side.


last night i ran in the quicker group at the little running club we've ended up a part of.

it was such a confidence boost because my entire life i have convinced myself i'm useless at running.

but i got stuck in. even on the three hills we ended up running - i hung on. slowly. but i was there.

angus was frustratingly good at the hills. but i only say that half seriously. i'm really enjoying the ease he covers the ground, and whilst it's around 45987304957m ahead of me, it's fun we're out there running together .sorta.

i guess the equivalent of posting a 'i'm really lucky' instagram post would be to write it here.

there it is.