| 2020 | 02 | 07 | three posts in one day |

I have 13 mascaras.


I don't entirely know.

I don't wear it every day, nor will I keep them longer than 12 months for fear of some kind of crazy eye germs.


I decided.

I'm going to keep just one.

It took a thirteen minute walk to come to this conclusion (intense thought is best for lifechanging decisions).

I hope you feel my sarcasm.

But i realised that i wanted to apply this principle to everything in my life.

rather than viewing those 13 mascaras as an investment. i needed to see them as money already spent and resources to do the best with that i could. and if that meant paring down the collection to have just one to use - so be it.

now. i have two.

One travel size and one full size.

Removing backups is my best decision yet.

I can't now hoard things because i'm fearful of running out.