| 2020 | 02 | 28 | year of less - no buy 2020 |

i feel like everyone is doing one of these nowadays.

no buys.
less stuff.
project pan.

you name it. we're all trying to fight against consumerism as is and work out what truly embellishes the lives we lead.

i have had a love affair with minimalism/essentialism (not sure which one i prefer to be honest) for the past two years and it's only now that i'm finally starting to crack open what it means for me.

i'm the most content i've ever been. the internal feelings which plagued me previously have left and been replaced by what i can only describe as a sort of nonchalent okay-ness.

i'm actually okay.

life is. well. it's life.

there's no use in stressing. just take each day as it comes. and do what you can.

acceptance has been one of the hardest steps to take, but since making that leap i have noticed my outlook is ridiculously improved. i no longer experience the negative emotion to external stimuli i used to - obviously everyone has bad days but mine flit past and barely touch.

my new motto - 'if that's the worst then you really can't complain' has shifted the way i see the tumbles and twists we all experience on a daily basis.
sure. you spilled a coffee on your favourite white shoes. but in the grand scheme of life that's not a problem.
i having a headache is the worst you've got it. you're doing alright.

my relationship with my dad has improved too.
i think he's loving that i've reduced household clutter, but also that we're both finding a balance to our extremely differing personalities. we laugh more. the conflicts we used to have are approached in a different manner and he seems generally more relaxed.probably helps he actually likes the current boy.
i've managed to reduce my fiery temperamental nature. i'd kick off. and then come clattering down. unpredictable. aggressive. angry.

it hurts my head to comprehend that what started as me trying to reduce my lipstick collection has trickled into every area of my life and embellished it all.

i've also decided that when the moment takes me, i want to be in the position to move out. that means ensuring all my possessions are sorted, tidied and in a state to go.
i made one final push with my clothes this morning - removing 6 coats (four of which have never been worn) and another two pairs of shoes.

essentialism. minimalism.
i'd love to own a uniform wardrobe.
four pairs of trousers i actually want to wear.