| 2020 | 02 | 17 | weekly wind down 6 |

i missed one already.

to be fair i'm not that surprised.

the week was somewhat eventful and distracting so we shall allow it.

okay real talk for a second, and i know this is a controversial topic but i had to have an abortion on friday.

it was an easy decision for me and one i have no regrets over, but i know for a lot of people it's a life changing situation and for that i empathise.
physically it wasn't particularly pleasant and not something i'd like to repeat anytime but life throws curve balls and you have to deal with them accordingly.

because of the aforementioned, my week was fairly quiet.
i was low level stressed and not feeling particularly enthused to be exuberant.

was the day.
originally meant to be spent in london at a museum, we then spent it in reading before i napped all afternoon and he worked.
that evening we saw parasite. what an experience.

we ran 4.4. miles at my pace (though considering there was a hill and mud he still got to run), and it was fun.
a quiet afternoon preceded my first night out in three years.
it was quite a big change in mentality and i'm really glad.
had i still been in dw gear i would have either missed out - or been stressed all night.

the below is the only photo of myself and angus - we aren't looking our best but the only way is up. i hope.

there's a bit of frustration with regard to my wardrobe. 

nothing fits. 
the things that do are covered in strawberries. 
i've managed to declutter most things which fit in my old style of 'loud' but i'm not quite at the point of having replaced those things. 
my spending ban also doesn't help in that regard either. 
the energy and money which would have been spent on a mature, refined wardrobe went into kayaking kit. 

we got in at 4 am and whilst i'd been drunk whilst out - i felt fairly good in the morning. 
that's mainly because i am a lightweight and don't consume the same quantity.

angus was less fresh but still put together a pretty exciting breakfast of sausage and beans in a cheese toastie. 

i headed home to be productive and ended stuck in the garden helping dad before heading to mike's house to plan some wild adventures over summer.