| 2020 | 02 | 07 | how many towels |

okay so i'm not dwelling on this - but my week has taken such a complex turn i cannot fully engage with or comprehend it. 

on the one hand, the situation is not difficult. it is a matter of fact process with another step to get through before things will return to whatever normal represents. 

one the other - i am in pieces. 

my day has consisted of flip flopping between the two reactions - momentarily i am fine. 
then i am not. 

and then i'm back again. 

i am tired and my mind is running rings around myself. 



i did running club yesterday.

it was awesome. 

angus was exceptionally fast and joined the super quick group. 
i was exceptionally not fast and joined the less quick group. 

we both had a good time. 


life can be damn boring if we don't break the rules.