| 2020 | 02 | 06 | bad neighbours |


>> this week I have been binge watching Eamon and Bec - a Toronto based couple who have converted a van and are honestly living their best lives.
they're just really upbeat and seem to make the most of it all. i know there's a lot of filtering in YouTube videos - they're not going to show the rubbish bits - but it's a really nice change from commercialised videos.

these guys and the other individuals living in tiny homes or just more active lifestyles have further inspired me to reduce my clutter. i think i mention this every day at the moment but i never realised how many things i owned.

but also, i never realised how having so many things could impact on my brainspace, and my time. if you have 37 things to put away, it's going to take 37x longer than just the one.

think aboutttttt it.