| 2020 | 02 | 03 | weekly wind down 4 |

according to my app, i slept all of 5 hours last night. I disagree. it was closer to 4.

as per. i have no photos of the things i did. so here are some of the things i didn't do last week.
i had a huge clearout monday. who needs therapy when you have black bin liners.

netball was amazing.
i'm useless. but it was awesome.

i started the day with exercise i think.

cheeky 5k trot.
my fitness is slipping. i can feel it leaving me gently, but definitely.
like a friend, it's saying a soft 'goodbye, i have to leave you now. you don't have need for me'
i'm not as sad as i thought i'd be.
it's time.

pub quiz that evening.
my god.
what a mess.

work was slow. but productive in its own way. 
that evening i went to the boys for curry and quiche. a classic combination. 
in fact we played top trumps for longer than necessary and watched some programme with more 'celebrities' i just don't recognise. 

i left the boys house a little earlier than i'd have liked and came back to be productive. 
cue another bag load of things out the door, paperwork shredded and sorted and other bits tidied. 
studying done. 
i had crossfit to get to late in the morning. i can feel my body appreciates this slowed routine. kayaking would push us to boat as early as physically possible in the cold - which gives your brain and muscles little time to warm up. 
i think i'm more suited to this (even if it eats into the middle of the day I'm no less productive). 

afterward - hitting golf balls with boy. 
then - garden centre.
followed by - pub to watch the rugby and football.
lastly - pizza at home. 

naturally another episode of prison break preceded bed.

we stayed in bed until 10.30. i don't recognise this version of myself but in a way i like it. 
the lack of internal driving pressure is actually refreshing - whereas before i'd crave the constant need to be doing, i'm now enjoying its absence. 

i went to my aunts to play with the puppy for around an hour before we headed for a slightly oversized roast. 
it was incredible. i kid you not.  
back for more puppy attention and then i headed home for the weekly tradition of watching doctor who with my dad.
i'm hating the new series but he likes the routine.