| 2020 | 01 | 27 | weekly wind down 4 |

what a week.
i feel like 

i found an iphone on monday, sitting in the grass. my initial thought was 'if i walk away it's not my problem' but alas. it became my problem. some detective work later and i'd reunited it with the grateful owner and felt like i'd achieved for the week. 

in the spirit of the post i'm trying to find the words to write - i'm doing new things. today - crossfit. 
oh wow. 

i'm still running. i'm still lifting weights. i'm still reading and writing and drawing and watching netflix. i'm still napping.


i'm not tired all the time.


i'm not stressing. i don't feel like i have this overbearing weight on my shoulders to do more. someone once mentioned i don't know how to do nothing.

well. watch me.

my hairs getting so so curly now.
the products i've cut out are maybe some of the better smelling ones - but look at the curls.
they're not neat, they're not frizz free. but.

oh and running club.

friday. saturday. sunday.
this weekend was awesome. ish.
okay awesome.
exceptional. busy.
i've done a lot of studying. i've done a lot of socialising. and exercise and sitting down.
i had a lie in.

i did not go near a boat.

i am not very good at photographs. i was actually telling myself to smile. 

i can confirm the below is not a smile.