| 2020 | 01 | 27 | lemon pie |

i'll get round to my previous week in a minute.

this morning was long.

i mean - i took the long route home from boy's house because i wanted to drag out the drive a little longer.

i wasn't ready for monday to hit me square in the jaw with a dose of reality.

i'm actually a little jealous of those with a commute because you get time to sort your thoughts. file them away. order them. colour code. you name it.

though i guess that's the benefit of no sleep whatsoever.

instead i have a ten minute walk broken by the road crossings and various obstacles.


dw attempt 2 has been on my radar since before i completed attempt 1. my sights were always on this one - and pushing my limits.


the hardest lesson has been to learn that i am not, in fact, completely invincible.

my time is such a valuable resource and i will not get enough from committing so much of it this time round.

it would be like investing your entire savings on the losing horse every time.

you sort of enjoy the buzz, but as you walk away it's been a complete waste of the one resource you can't get back.

i get to live this particular day once.
once through.
you wake up once.
you get to greet people once.
breakfast - once.

you get the picture?

it's so small but the little things add up.

but equally. you have to enjoy those moments rather than fretting over their transience (thank).

i'm going to try a week of less pressure more fun.