| 2020 | 01 | 23 | battle of water |

chapters of your life.

but one day, your name didn't make me smile anymore.

i miss memories not you.


i am a habitual overthinker. i can't help it. some nights i stay up until 3 am running through the same conversation, over and over until sleep finally forces its way in and i hit a state of unconsciousnes. 

last night. 

i fell asleep in the warmth of another, before my dreams cruelly pulled me out of my slumber and left me lying there for 2 hours.

i know this because i made the rookie error of checking my phone. 

i was basically counting breaths until i could justify waking up and going back to my house to get ready for work. 

it's something i need to unlearn. 

thoughts are going to come and go whether we like them or not. 

it's how we deal with them that's important. instead of grasping them with both hands you have to wave them away and just forget. 

just let it go.