| 2020 | 01 | 20 | weekly wind down 3 |

i just want to say this was such a lovely weekend.

£18 - the leather washbag i've been coveting has finally come up on sale
£11 - new cleansing balm from the body shop
£20 - rucksack
£47.60 - monki skirts x 2
£9.99 - hangers
£5.24 - chocolate spread
£8.99 - reusable cotton pads
£7 - maccys and snacks
£20 - brunch

boring ease into the week

was quite tough.
i feel strong though.

gymmed with dad in the evening.
we don't spend a lot of time together so these days are important.
studying. tidying. life admin

thursday = tired.
i was not in the mood for anything.
went to the boys i think. no
he came to mine because his house isn't working. we walked to sainsbury's and nabbed some pizzas.

run in the moning.
myself and the boy went to see 1917 and honestly it was so good. we might've gone to asda afterward for snacks and McDonalds but there are worse things in life.
he stayed over with the plan of a lie in.....

i have not stayed in bed until 10.30 in forever.
it was bliss.
like genuine, restful bliss (ignoring the caffeine headache punching a hole in my skull) i woke up feeling refreshed and ready. i think that's how sleep is meant to make you feel.
we meandered down to the river and along for brunch at coopers before slowly making our way back. it was amazing.
the gym that afternoon was really productive and then i had a nap.
i think my body needed this.
that evening i drove across to reading to see someone i consider a best friend and we spend 5 hours catching up - covering everything from quitting kayaking to our respective men.

another sort of lie in before gymming with the pa.
i then nipped back over to reading to be introduced to a niche coffee shop, an amazing burger place and then some swans before having - you guess it - another nap.
dad cooked us dinner whilst we watched doctor who before i went to boys house to finally finish prison break.