| 2020 | 01 | 15 | i'll have five thanks |

i have no idea why i thought it would be a good idea staying up til around 1am on facetime.

but it happened.

instead of exercising this morning i treated myself to a tropical mix of a hair mask and mango porridge.

i smell delicious.


there's frost on my windscreen. it shimmers in the low morning sunlight like glitter. i hate dark mornings and the cold.
i wait for the de-icer to dissolve my sparkling decoration and my mind wanders as i pull away slowly, shaking my head as i dream of the coffee i'll have at home.
i feel settled in the talking part.


i'm a forgotten dream by morning.
i'm a cup of tea gone cold.
i'm a sock, lost between the washing machine and drawers
i'm misplaced house keys
i'm your half written note to self by the phone
i'm all the words
i'm none of the words you didn't mean to say
i'm the dishes piled by the sink
i'm the netflix series you never finished
i'm all the places you walked past, never to explore
i'm the alarms you snoozed
i'm everything you failed to see
i'm your motivation on a lazy sunday
i'm the cool breeze off the water
i'm burnt toast.


oh, the irony.
how novel


i want to write the story i started but i don't know how to get it out of me and into you.
a bit like throwing sand at a seagull and hoping it sticks.