| 2020 | 01 | 13 | i wasn't always shiny |

this weekend was busy. like.


saturday was a combination of kayaking and kayaking.

we covered the bit between monkey marsh and dreadnaught with a fulled manned support crew.

it was good because it meant we were able to see where everything is at - and where we can improve.

> we cocked up badly on a low bridge.
i laughed about it afterwards but it could have been pretty nasty.

along the canal there are a few low bridges. they're quite narrow but there isn't a lot of clearance. some crews prefer to portage these - probably to avoid what we did.

we were travelling at 9.5mph on a flowing stretch (where the river weaves in and out). cockiness meant on the approach we overestimated the gap between the water and the underneath of the bridge.
the usual process is for me to duck around 2m away (head between my knees) and mark will stay upright until he's sure i'm clear.

what you don't want to hear is 'NO STOP' being yelped and a big brace being put into the water.
i had no time at all to sit up and push my arms out in front of me with the bridge centimeters in front of my face.
that's around 160kg of mass to slow from 9.5mph to stopping.
i'm lucky i didn't injure myself, or get knocked out.


we can't make poor judgement like that in the dark.

we just can't.


sunday was good.
another paddle in another boat.

my core felt stretched to the limit.

i need more sleep.