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it's funny how you can wake up in such a good mood and go from 100 to 1 in less than 30 seconds.

the impulsive side of me wants to press self-destruct and watch everything burn, but there's a slightly less vocal but insistent voice which is saying on repeat 'wait 5 minutes'.

for now. i'm waiting 5 minutes.

on repeat.

this is the side of my personality i dislike .

the fiery, temperamental one.
the impatient one.

i'm usually very good at pro-actively staying on top of it. past experience has shown that it's not endearing to bite everyone. i'd like to think i'm at a point where i'm considered to be mild mannered and level headed.

can confirm.

not the case.

fuming mate.


you wanna send me that wikipedia article again?

the barbers with a parrott

non sequitur::
a literary device often used for comedic purposes. said because of its apparent lack of meaning relative to what preceded it. 

n.b. not to be confused with a non sequitur in a logical argument - a fallacy. 

it is the construction of invalid or faulty reasoning to purposefully manipulate and deceive. however, it is possible for some people to genuinely just make a mistake - or be ignorant.

formal fallacies can be expressed neatly in a standard system of logic (see propositional logic, true or false argument flow). these propositions can be connected by logical connectives and are known as compound propositions. if they are unconnected they are called atomic propositions. 

informal fallacies are more to do with reasoning error rather than in the logical form of the argument. 

so. a deductive argument containing an informal fallacy may be formally valid but remain unpersuasive.  

i hate deductive logic btw.