| 2020 | 01 | 06 | weekly wind down 1 |

weekly wind down. one of my most catchy formats.

i think i had it running between 2012-2016.

£10.60 - medicine. i managed to pick up some kind of cough/cold/throat illness which left me voiceless and sad.
£22 - a new oversized hoody (in xxl i'll have you know)
£67.50 - charlotte tilbury moisturiser. eeesh. this is naughty.
£21 - 2 x overnight face masks. oops
£17 - kayaking stuff
£6 - snacks

first day of the year we paddled. and did a warm up run.
this is me not long after in quite possibly my greatest look.

meant to be my first day back in work however - i was resting in bed.
braved the outside to pick up some cough remedies but otherwise kept myself locked inside.

the second first day for me.

another training session and then my mother came down from the north to see me.
we mooched around john lewis trying on every lipstick and foundation sample.

race day. what a mess day.

i'm going to blame myself for the failure of our boat .