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i finished my 13th book of 2019 on christmas day.

at around 7 i'd gone for a run, but in reality i was craving the completion of the final thirty or so pages of touching the void - a book i'd only started because it had been so strongly recommended.

i have no interest in climbing, or mountains, or snow.


it's 0652.

i'm sitting at a glitter covered dining table with messy hair and bleary eyes.

i've read 22 pages of my new marketing textbook and thankfully it's not the drag of the one i had to know inside out at degree level.

i had the worst nights sleep - a recurring nightmare that someone had nicked my phone was interjected with being chased by some foreboding character.

go figure.


when i was 18 and a rowing coach, we had all of our possessions stolen. we were in nottingham for a rowing race (almost wrote kayak there) and during a practice on the lake everything was liberated from our minibuses. it was heartbreaking.