| 2019 | 12 | 24 | today |

a friend who continuously reminds me that we have to be in this moment and not drifting far into the-what-could-have-beens and what-we-wants rather than the what-we-haves.

this helps with my training. sit still. be quiet and engage with the task at hand. i was able to truly embrace my 12 mile training run yesterday and push aside many of the doubts and worries which had been playing on my mind.


also. the river.

3cm today is the difference that counts. an arbitrary figure. smaller than most would consider significant - but in this case it's more than enough.

when did 3cm last count? sometimes millimetres matter but in this instance it means the river has stopped rising with its previous aggression and is starting to settle down.

for me? that means training might finally get back to where i want it to be.

we've had a rough month. disagreements on direction of training, boat set up and other technical elements have left us feeling emotionally drained, coupled with having the extra pressure of re-locating our training every weekend. the irony being - we had decided this time round to not do all the travelling we had previously done and stick to our home stretch.

clearly the river gods had other plans.

as i took my first lie in of the month, i was mulling over the positives of these difficulties.

i like challenges. problems to overcome. it pushes you as a person and forces discomfort. when you're comfortable you don't learn, nor do you adapt. you stop appreciating the things you have every day and take much of it for granted.

i have never taken our home stretch of river for granted, but i have never wanted to paddle on it  more than i do now.


-- it's better the river is messing around now than easter
-- forcing adaption. quality time in the boat.
-- taking nothing for granted. make everything count