| 2019 | 12 | 16 | forest fires |

i feel like i'm losing the battle to keep up with life.

so many things are happening and i feel constantly like i have no time and my to do list is growing by the second. sigh. 

friday was lovely. it was my work christmas party and everyone was particularly jovial. 

the boy came along and met the team - who despite promising to be utterly disgraceful managed to hold themselves together for the few hours he was in their presence.

feels a bit like they saved it all up for today though. wicked cool. 


saturday we walked.

we walked many miles and stopped at a few pubs.

it was so nice.

sunday was the usual paddle (bit short however). 

in fact. worryingly short. 

i don't think we're training enough. it's giving me anxiety. 

we ran to the top of winter hill. 

course. why not.