| 2019 | 12 | 09 | zozo the demon will ruin your life |

it's not that i need a new hairdryer - it's more that dysons marketing campaign is so effective i think it's permeated my soul. 

i should be immune. but i'm not. 


saturday was a great training session followed by a great lunch, a great walk, some cake and then an evening of fuss. 

i was tired before i woke up on sunday. 

sunday kicked off with a lethargic training session, one that was an attempt to erase the week before. we ran, 5 out 5 back as hard and fast as we could (slightly different to the two miler at the jubilee). running isn't either of our strengths but for a sport in which the tactical moves are made on land - it's necessary. 

we'd agreed a manageable 10/2 format, maintaining a hr which barely touched threshold. 

it was tough in the conditions (a lively tailwind aggravating a still swirly river). but we did. and the boat felt good. 

as we were headed upstream, past the outlet, mark reminded me of how demanding i'd been all summer. 

'aren't you glad you took the time to pause?' i smiled because i'd been so adamant, even mid effort, that we should both stop and look at our surroundings. the sunset (which by the way is perfect every day), the ducks, the trees, the leaves. and it was facing into that freezing headwind, with the water battering my attempts at holding a vaguely straight line - that i was glad we had. 

sometimes it's hard to remember why you're training. 

i'm stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment, because i think i've forgotten how much i love being on the water. the weekend grind of getting up slightly earlier to drive slightly further and paddle for a little longer is wearing down my resolve. 

getting out of a warm bed to put on kit which doesn't fit me anymore is a drag. though i've ordered some small leggings so hopefully that'll change things. 

This is boy trying to work out if i'd drown if he threw me into the pond. 

turns out it wouldn't be guaranteed so he didn't bother. 

maybe next time. 

we went on a walk through the woods and i found arguably the best stick i've ever discovered. 

hide and seek was a downright success. i'm still there - in the trees. 

headed back to A's house which is decreasing by the day. actually some bits aren't.