| 2019 | 12 | 05 | sdrawkcab si ecnetnes siht |

its weird how the backward spelling of my name has come up more than four times this week.

just. something to think about.


sometimes you just do things.
everybody dies one day.
it's not about you.

>> three life lessons. each with a little story.

the second originates from my ex-boyfriends dad as we were climbing from a not particularly high ledge on bodmin moor.

I was nervous to jump and he turned to me and shrugged, before declaring that whilst life is scary, you can't stand still. you have to jump. because 'everybody dies one day sophie'.

then they both walked off, leaving me to negotiate my fears.


it's not about you was yelled more than once. once was in a dream so i'm not sure that counts but its a phrase i refer to more in life than i thought i'd need to.


sometimes. you just do things.

because - sometimes you just do.


talk turned to mums and once again i had to bite my lip to stop 'i wouldn't know, i don't have one' tumbling out. 

but that's not strictly true. i don't have a mum in the traditional sense, but i do have so many others who have occupied that role for an amount of time in my life. potentially better. because they chose to.