| 2019 | 11 | 28 | and i don't even fund apple |

for some reason i've been bingeing food haul videos for families with over 12 members.

i don't have any plans on creating a new clan, but let me tell you i would not run out of tinned tomatoes if i did.


i've had to start writing 2020 on a lot of documents at work and it terrifies me. i'm not ready for the year of perfect vision. 


i got over taken on my run again today. it gave me time to reflect because in that moment, i was so ashamed and embarrassed. 

but when i overtake people in my kayak - i don't think of it as a negative process. in my head i'm rooting for the other person to hang on for an extra few seconds. i'm so hopeful that's how the twig like woman who flew past me was thinking. 

or probably - run fast you lard ass. 


we played my new favourite game last night - rummikub.

i mean, i like it now but if you'd have spoken to me about seven years ago i'd have probably screamed in your face. it was basically the type of game they used to use to 'help' with my dyslexia. 

it supposedly speeds up your ability to make links between words and cover for all the other problems you're having - she probably meant with english but i liked to think she was helping me with life. 

not washed your hair and looking like a mess? 
play this game. no one will see.

forgotten all your money and can't find your cards?
join together the dots. your life is fine. 

i swear that woman thought she could fix the entire human race with her box of tricks

thanking you susan. 

to be fair to her. i can now have a conversation without crying. so there's that i guess.